Henrik Budde - composer, conductor | Music
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“I went to a concert with the Ensemble Lydenskab in Aarhus, Denmark, where the programme featured Henrik Budde’s work “Terribly Cold and Nearly Dark”. To this date it is still one of the strongest music experiences I have had. The creation of a strong intencity and fervency, and the addition of a strong moment of unexpected surprise, created by Henrik Budde in his work, makes a fantastic impression.

I was overwhelmed and totally blown away!”

Jesper Busk Sørensen, Trombone, The Berlin Philharmonic

Kongen af Danmark / The King (TV Series Promo)

Danish TV-series Promo by Wazawi Entertainment. Music played by The Budapest Symphony Orchestra, composed, and conducted by Henrik Budde.

NOIR for brass ensemble, percussion, and piano

NOIR performed by RAMA BRASS. Conductor: Niels-Ole Bo Johansen. Recorded and filmed by Henrik Budde in Aarhus Musikhus (DK), Maj 2015. Music composed by Henrik Budde.

The fragile 2nd movement from the saxophone quartet COLOURS OF THAT NIGHT played by Jutlandia Saxophone Quartet.

3rd movement from the audiovisual work EDITIONS. Three different kinds of music is played agains the same short film made by the composer. Played by Esbjerg Ensemble and conducted by Rei Munakata.

DUST is a short, dark, and filmic piece consisting of recordings all performed by Henrik on various, acoustic instruments. Originally, composed for a short film but grew into a world of it’s own.

THE CHASE is a short film music cue with Western associations, originally written for a short film by Nuka Wølk Mathiassen (DK). The music is played by The Danish National Chamber Orchestra under the baton of Hummie Mann.