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“… The experience was one of a kind. All lights on stage and in the hall were switched off leaving the audience in darkness, and the music brought the spectators into the cosmos. We were all on a journey in outer space. The work was wonderfully performed and we will undoubtedly hear a lot more music from the hand of this young composer in the future.”

Music critic Steffen Nørregaard, at Thy Chamber Music Festival

“Sharp, intelligently placed, and to the point –
this is how I encountered Henrik Budde’s virtuosic style of composition.”

Vahid Khadem-Missagh, Concertmaster in Tonkünstler-Orchester Niederösterreich

“I went to a concert with the Ensemble Lydenskab in Aarhus, Denmark, where the programme featured Henrik Budde’s work “Terribly Cold and Nearly Dark”. To this date it is still one of the strongest music experiences I have had. The creation of a strong intensity and fervency, and the addition of a strong moment of unexpected surprise, created by Henrik Budde in his work, makes a fantastic impression.

I was overwhelmed and totally blown away!”

Jesper Busk Sørensen, trombone player, Berliner Philharmoniker

“We have chosen some of the best music from the contemporary music scene – a young composer, who has already established himself with a strong personal, artistic voice. 

The filmic and narrative vein is very strong in composer Henrik Budde’s music. You get immersed into the music and the effect he creates is strong. For that reason we would like to offer the work and the composer Henrik Budde a helping hand on the journey out in the world.”

Max Fage-Pedersen, radio host on Danish P2 and Danish judge at International Rostrum of Composers

Composer Henrik Budde works with live musicians from solo instrumentalists to large, orchestral settings and with original electronic material recorded and manipulated by the composer. Musicians and artists come from all kinds of backgrounds and countries; creativity being the uniting factor in the collaboration. Budde’s works have been performed in Film and TV and by various ensembles at festivals and in concerts in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Lithuania, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Canada, and Japan. Furthermore, Budde has appeared as a conductor in Denmark, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Italy, and has been leader of both choirs and instrumental ensembles.

Henrik Budde holds 4 university and conservatory degrees from bachelor to ph.d. level and has studied with some of the best living composers and conductors in Europe and the US. Studies in manuscript writing has further more resulted in the work as writer and script consultant in film and TV.